Cutting-edge international surreal-abstractionist using perception to explore and develop the universal visual language of art as explorations of imaginative thinking.
michael berry, abstract surrealist, multiple vanishing point, shifting focus, non-euclydian space, riot of colour, dynamic gestural line, tangental line, patterns of thought, vibrant, mindspace, dimensions of colour, universal visual language, challenging, australian artist, no autonomous viewer, visual patterns of the imagination, arshile gorky, roberto matta, manolo,millares, mark tobey, zao wu ki, lee krasner, joseph cornell, jackson pollock, conrad marca ralli, louise nevelsen, ewan uglow, al held, stanley william hayter, leonardo da vinci, leftfield abstractionist, art critic, published art author, poet, lyricist, sculptor, assemblage artist, installations, collage, drawings, master drawer, visual symphonic space

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